Special Thanks to Mario of "Mario Ink"......who introduced me to body art and was such an amazing teacher and inspiration

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As an aspiring artist, since I could hold a pencil or paint brush in my hand, I have always strived to continue to expand my artisitc abilities. I have never narrowed my focus on just one type of art. This is what makes my business so diverse and lucrative. My biggest passion is painting and I love to polish old skills and learn new techniques.

I am an ARTIST....to the very core. This is not just a job to me, it is an opportunity to use a gift I love and am so grateful for. In having over ten years experience with face & body art and custom painting, I am very passionate about the quality of my work. I will take the extra time when needed to deliver the best result in all that I do.

That's what makes me different. It's why people come to me. And it's what makes InnoKreative Arts unique

InnoKreative Arts

(Established January of 2014)